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The buttons on this page are not active. It's set up as a guide to help you learn how to search the multi-list and use all the features available to you.

Note: Windows, your web browser, and even some pop up blockers may ask if you want to allow your browser to access an unknown or unlisted web site. The web site it is referring to is the Downriver MLS. The MLS web site's name is Answer "YES" or your browser or pop up blocker won't let you in.

Next to a sample of the button is an explanation of how to use it. You can access this Help page at any time during your search by clicking the blue Help button again. After you're done using this page, simply close this window each time and continue by clicking the X in the top right corner of this window.

Search Page Buttons and Links

Get a quick count of how many listings match your present search criteria without actually running the search and leaving your search criteria page.
After filling in some search criteria, use this button to do the search and show a thumbnail picture and summary of information about each property.
The search criteria page contains only the most popular search criteria to keep it as short and quick as possible. Click ADDITIONAL CRITERIA to add more advanced search criteria to your search criteria page.
Back To Top Click this link to quickly go back to the top of the same page

Search Page Results Buttons and Links

Favorite Click the little box to put in a check mark. This will mark a property listing as temporarily saved so you can view, print, or email it later. You can see which listings you've saved as favorites by clicking the SHOW FAVORITES button at any time.
Shows the properties that you've added to your FAVORITES list.
Go back to the main search page so you can modify it or start over.
Bring up a dialog window that allows you to email the listings to yourself, and/or your Realtor.
Shows your printer dialog window so you can print the listings. A little window will pop up to allow you to print only the listing you're currently viewing or all the listings.
Shows a window that allows you to send a text message to the pager of an agent at LBJ, call an agent on their cell phone, or get their email address.

View Detail

Click this to see more detailed information and a bigger picture of a property listing.

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • Use the COUNT LISTINGS button often! It will help you avoid bringing up too many or too few listings on the search results page.
  • If your search doesn't bring up any listings, try expanding the price range or adding more cities to your search criteria. If that doesn't help, try searching with less specific criteria.
  • A good way to keep a copy of your search results for viewing later is to create a list of FAVORITES and then send the list to yourself by clicking the EMAIL FAVORITES button.
  • This web site is optimized for the most recent version of Internet Explorer. It may work fine with older versions, or browsers such as Netscape or Opera, but there are no guarantees.
  • 70% of the Internet, including this web site, uses JavaScript to add functionality. Your browser security settings or anti virus software may affect or disable the use of JavaScript.
  • You can contact a Realtor at LBJ by clicking the CONTACT ME button.

Contact the webmaster if you have a specific question about use of this web site